Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Possible pet spirit??

         We received this clip from someone who simply wanted to share. The camera that it was taken on is motion activated, meaning the possible orb actually set the camera off. This was taken 2 days before they had to put their dog down, he was sick and sleeping under the bottom right-hand corner.  it was a month after they lost another dog, the two had grown old together.
         Could this be the spirit of the recently past dog coming to escort, or comfort the other? I think it is as much a possibility as anything. Many don't believe that animal spirits are real, I personally have been visited by many a past pet. Your pets are the truest and most honest form of love, and that will without doubt remain and cross over with them. Animals have a cleaner, brighter, healthier soul than we ever will, and that will undoubtedly show in the afterlife. We do not deserve our pets.
         We would like to thank the person for sharing, we love when people share stories, pictures, and videos with us and encourage it! I am sharing this with permission, we will never share or even talk about without having express permission to do so.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Let's talk about synchronicity. The thought that something always has a reason in the bigger picture for happening. One event, leading to another creating a path to a goal that you may not know you had, or to a place or situation that you need to be. It happens regardless of what you call it.

This weekend

Tess had planned a mountain top getaway for the beginning of this week. Nothing related to the paranormal just a break from everything, however, synchronicity is and the powers that bee are abundant and active. We began our journey as we do most of our journeys, late. We arrived at the destination about three hours later than anticipated, when we arrived at the road that would take us to our mountain top haven the bridge covering the creek we must cross was completed flooded with water that would have been suitable for white water rafting. The owner of the BandB said that had we arrived 2 hours sooner there would have been no trouble. As you can imagine this was a bit aggravating, there is always a reason. I will take crap from Tess for admitting that. This put us on a decision making path, do we take the 2-hour trip home or try and find a place to stay for the night? We called several places with no avail, however one did picture up and it was exactly what we needed, to a tee! The hotel was on the very top of a mountain come to find out only a couple hundred feet from the thirty-seventh meridian, and on that meridian you can see three states. Anyway, when we arrived, our first thought was that of the shinning. The hotel itself is old, most would say outdated, sitting at the top of a mountain shrouded in fog, only one car visible and honestly no visible light coming through the windows. It was perfect! An instant liking, when you enter the lobby you see a cubby for check-in and office, but before you see that you take note that the lobby is old stonework, directly above the office cubby is the second-floor balcony area guarded by an old wrought iron railing looking at to two old, very large wrought iron chandeliers, one of which hangs over an enormous fireplace in one wall. It provides the feeling of being in a castle!

The young lady at the counter was very accommodating After I mentioned that we are paranormal investigators she was kind enough to tell us some local info. She gave us some brief history on the hotel, allowing that it was built in the early sixties and that she was aware there were no nefarious deeds or death in the hotel, and that the stones were brought from grandfather mountain and had ties with the builders of the parkway. She did tell me that some regular guests had stayed in a room just down the hall from ours and refused to again stating it was haunted and that another co-worker has had some strange experiences, all in all, nothing outstanding. This was hard to believe due to the general feel of the place. More research must be done!

We had a room on the second floor, a door down from the “haunted room”. When we walked in, our attention was immediately drawn toward the end of the hallway past the “haunted Room”, and that oh so familiar hair standing on end and goose pimple popping up happened. We were allowed to go into the haunted room, we went in, in turn. Tess had a difficult time getting the door unlocked, this we found out is a common occurrence, she actually somehow entered the room while it was still locked. I had no trouble. While Tess was in the room she heard noises, like scratching, coming from the closet, and felt a heaviness from the moment she entered. She did not stay long. She did not tell me about her experience before I went in. I learned a lesson, always have some small equipment when you travel, we were not prepared for spooky stuff on this trip, all I had was a thermal. I took the thermal with me and since it records audio done an impromptu EVP session as well. I, as is customary, really didn't feel anything except an odd pressure on my left ear.

The most fascinating part to me about this hotel is how comfortable it is, it feels like coming home. It feels nothing like a hotel, it feels like sitting in my living room. The next day at check out we met the lady who is more “spiritually inclined” in the establishment. Her name is Jennifer, She actually channels spirits and helps them cross over. She said there is a definite energy in the “haunted room” as well as one in the game room that travels to the restaurant above it. I had been in the game room the day before and was drawn to an old piano that is there, unsurprisingly I felt nothing other than interest. The conversation with Jennifer progress and she felt compelled to take me to the game room, as we aproached it felt like something walked through me. Every hair on my body stood up and I shivered uncontrollably. As we entered the game room I felt that feeling two more times during the conversation we had.
To sum it up, we have found possibly five new places to investigate made a new friend, and possibly a “base of operation” in the area, All because a sudden decision for a trip and mother nature flooding a bridge! Synchronicities and the guidance of the universe happen all the time, our trouble is we just don't know how to listen.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Synchronicity By Tess Goyer

Synchronicities of Our “Soul Tribe”

M and D Paranormal and Cryptid Investigations started out like most small, side bizz, hobbies. We had fun, we helped people and that was enough. It was my mother, my fiance and I. We started branching out and trying to find ways to grow our hobby to connect with and help others. We created and started The Shop Ecclectic. The Shop became a hub of sorts, with the original intent to help people find ways to handle their paranormal experiences after the investigation was over and to further the cultivation of M and D Paranormal as a business, and with that The Shop literally created a life of its own.

We immediately started to meet many amazingly talented and gifted people along the way.

We first met our current Shop Manager, she had a heavy knowledge, personal experience and practitioners understanding in many metaphysical workings and various occult information. She also has her own small business passion known as Conjured Curios, where she creates hoodoo and rootwork inspired workings and conjures. She also supports M and D Paranormal by performing and teaching others, how to cleanse utilizing Smudging (smoke cleansing) and other practices. The synchronicity here, I personally had known her for 10 years, from a job I worked as a teenager, but I had not spoken to her in about 9. She is the encyclopedia, knowledge and the heart of us.

We then met a very influential and pivotal member of M and D Paranormal team. She has brought peace, joy and a sensible, logical mind. She has in some ways brought some team members closer together, has made significant positive impacts on others and has even given one member a whole new outlook on life. The synchronicity, she has a heavy medical background and supports not just members of our team, but the people we serve. She is currently working on completing her certification in Reiki Energy work, which was a direct part of the original creation of The Shop in its infancy. She is our healer.

The most notable members of our team are two very intelligent, media-minded and uniquely worldly people. They showed us a path to victory that we could never have seen without them. They have supported us in building a greater customer and client base. They have bestowed upon us knowledge and perspective we may have never seen, and that benefits us and our business greatly. They have an amazing drive to connect and communicate with others. The synchronicity is they have lived many past years in New Mexico, only recently coming back to North Carolina, and just at the right time. Further, without them so accurately and abruptly placed in our path, our business may not be standing today. They are our guidance, personally and professionally.

Along with these 4 people, we have met many others that have influenced our workings, and progress in such positive and beneficial ways. There is no way to communicate the amount of appreciation to those people and the many more that will walk through our lives in ways that are uniquely influential and impactful.

Most recently, Daniel and I are finishing a family adventure to Beech Mountain, NC. Daniel will tell you more, but I look forward to more synchronicities that this trip has brought forth. I have a feeling that we have found another piece to our proverbial “Soul Tribe.”

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

I wanted to talk about a very common occurrence, one that I dealt with almost nightly as a younger man. That occurrence being sleep Paralysis. This topic comes up a lot in our gatherings and really just generally speaking about the Paranormal. There are two main schools of thought in this arena, Paranormal and medical, regardless of the school of thought, certain characteristics are almost always present. The two most common are the feeling of pressure on the chest like something is pressing down on it, and the sight of a creature of some sort, this could be a shadow figure in the corner or at the foot of the bed, or an old hag sitting on your chest. These commonalities are present in the vast majority of reported cases, and have earned the phenomenon the name, “old hag syndrome”.

The Night Hag
The entity that is commonly seen and where the name, old hag syndrome” originates from is also known as the night hag. In the paranormal world, she is believed to be a succubus who hold you down by sitting on your chest and draining the life force from you. This Entity is the one that I have had years of personal dealings with, and as I sit and write this, it occurs that by doing so I may receive a visit tonight. If that is the case I will leave an update about the experience. Sleep paralysis found me at an early age, the same time that I began to astrally project from my body, around age five. For those that have experienced it they will agree, it is a terrifying experience. You are completely aware of your surroundings, although often times they were, not right, Lights would be on, or it would be completely silent when it shouldn't be, not only silent but devoid of sound. And of course you couldn't move and there was the pressure, and the undeniable feeling of not being alone and an inability to speak or scream, you can't make a sound. For me, immobility was the worst. I don't recall ever seeing the night hag, that is not until years later, it was instinctual, I just knew she was there. Those were pre-internet days, actually, at this point in time, my family and I didn't even have electricity. I didn't have the ability to search out information like we do now and this wasn't a topic that was discussed in my encyclopedia collection, not that I was really old enough at the time to research. The paralysis happened nightly for years. I talked to my mom about it, she was on the woo-woo side, and I also had dreams on a regular basis about Giant Spiders. Her advice to me was to simply control my dreams. In my young mind the spiders took precedence, so when I was being chased by one of the abominable arachnids, I, of course, pulled out my giant can of bug. That issue being solved it was on to this pesky paralysis. When it would happen, the first thing I would do is remind myself I am dreaming to help quell the fear, from there I found a focal point, that for me was the tip of my finger. Once I could focus on the finger I would begin to try and move it, Once I began to move it, I could move my hand and so on, typically by the time I broke my forearm free I would awaken and everything was normal.
I continued this routine until my early twenties when I began to realize that we are actually powerful, and I began to study, not just believe. I have had some negative paranormal experiences in my time, the worst at home, and I started the journey of protection. After I began that I didn't have sleep paralysis for several years, but it began happening again intermittently. The last time was many years ago now, I awoke alone, which wasn't the case, and saw that it appeared to be daylight. This time I wasn't paralyzed, I rolled over to look out of my bedroom door and for the first time saw the hag. To describe her would be to describe a Hollywood stereotype without a face. She flew into my room and as she crossed the threshold I owned my space, and my power and threw my hand up and said no. At which point She flew backward out of my room and I awoke to a dark room and My girlfriend blissfully snoring beside me. That thankfully was the last time I experienced sleep paralysis or the night hag.
My advice to anyone having this issue, is to understand that you are much more powerful than you know, if there is an entity there, you have domain in your space. Own your space, own your power, and own the fear, without the fear the negative has no reason to be there. Begin with a focal point.
I wanted to talk about the paranormal side of this for obvious reasons, however, having a long background in the medical and psychiatric field, as well as being narcoleptic I know that there is a medical, scientific explanation as well. That will be discussed in a follow-up post. I personally believe that a strong connection resided between the paranormal world and scientific, especially in this instance. It is also my opinion that a connection stands between sleep paralysis and the ability to leave one's body, but I shall leave that for another post. If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Jacobs room

                                                  This is Jacobs room at St. Albans Sanatorium, It was suggested that we add some pics to accompany the Ball moving Video that was captured in this room. This is all I have to upload.
The story is that Jacob was assaulted and killed, Brutally, in this room by another patient who lived across the hall. The silhouette on the floor, I do not know why that is there, and people bring him gifts and offerings, hence the toys and change.